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You can be part of the historic march towards abolition in the United States!

Witness to Innocence

Our members posing on the grounds of the Virginia State Captiol in Richmond

Here are some great resources and ideas on how you can be involved in the fight for a smarter and more humane criminal justice system in the United States:

Innocence is the most powerful and persuasive argument against the death penalty. Host an inspirational exonerated death row survivor speaker from Witness to Innocence at your college, place of worship, or community organization. Go here to learn more. Making a tax-deductible donation to our organization will also help us greatly to continue empowering the exonerated to end the death penalty.

Email us at info@witnesstoinnocence.org to receive our quarterly e-newsletter featuring the latest news at WTI and photos of our exoneree members.

Also, consider giving WTI board member Saundra Westervelt’s exquisitely written, accessible new book on the exonerated, Life after Death Row, as a gift to your loved ones or your local library. You can order it through Witness to Innocence at a discount for $20 plus $3.50 shipping and handling, and part of the proceeds will go to WTI and Centurion Ministries. Call 267-519-4583 to order your copy today!

Help exoneree Glen Edward Chapman in North Carolina secure a pardon of innocence from Gov, Pat McCrory by downloading and signing this letter. You can make a difference with only 5 minutes of your time and a stamp! Download the letter here.

Support your state’s anti-death penalty organization by volunteering or becoming involved in state and local initiatives. You can find a comprehensive list of state abolition groups here: www.ncadp.org/affiliates/all Your state abolition website will have the latest news and action alerts on death penalty issues in your area, and the steps you can take to become involved.

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty is the sponsor of the 90 Million Strong campaign, a social media and public eductation initiative to harnass the power of millions of US citizens who are pro-abolitionist. 90 Million Strong

Amnesty International USA’s Abolish the Death Penalty Campaign has a great “Get Involved” section where you can take action on a variety of cases they are involved with. www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/campaigns/abolish-the-death-penalty

Equal Justice USA has handy organizing tools for individuals wishing to write legislators and how to send a letter to the editor, in addition to other great resources. ejusa.org

If you are a high school teacher, check out the Death Penalty Information Center’s award-winning curriculum on the death penalty: deathpenaltycurriculum.org/student

If you are the relative of a murder or execution victim or a supporter of victims' rights who wants to get involved in the abolition movement, there are two great groups to check out: Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights: www.mvfhr.org and Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation: www.mvfr.org


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