Poetry and Prose

From the pen of Gary Drinkard

Gary Drinkard

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Execution Day

Cries and Screams all through the night
People all around going mad with fear and fright
Hustle and bustle with paintbrushes and brooms
Making things all pretty
So the public can view your doom

Death is alive and strong in the air
When it rubs you close it prickles your hair
Life is sweet and no one can know
What awaits them wherever they go

Will you feel your brain and blood boil?
Will the people watching clap or recoil?
What ya gonna do when you’re strapped in and alone?

Big man stands by the wall with a phone
Waiting for a call to say yes or no
Will you live or die
Will you stay or go

Strapped in so tight you can hardly breathe
Will there be laughter or tears when they all leave?

Everything is so dark with the hood on your face
Ass packed full of cotton
Not a single piece of lace
No more warm kisses perfume or silk

Death is here and He ain’t got no milk

mosaic graphicWho told it?

Growing old in a nowhere place
Got a voice but not a face
Lonely days turn into tear streaked nights
You’re an animal in a cage with no rights

Most hear you but few hang tough
To most friendship is only stuff
You have to be strong and smile a lot
All the while you mind skips to nothing
Or not

There must be a better place inside you
Where birds sing and the skies are blue

Are you sadistic to want to hang on
All hope lost
All your loved ones gone
Give up already

And go beyond
To twilight’s end almost at dawn

I can’t hug or kiss you goodbye
My heart breaks
All because of a lie

mosaic graphicLiving Tomb

The tomb I am in
5’x88’ is its size

I live and breathe through vacant eyes

All hope is gone where joy once was
The system will do as it always does
Lie and cheat and sell out to bidders’ money
Puppets on a string
Their hands out for money

When oh when will our nation see
They are likely to be next
sitting besides me
With broken dreams and heartaches too
Wondering what happened
Wondering “Whatever did I do?”

Lady Justice isn’t blind
She sees so well
All the green and gold paid for our trips to hell

I’ll haunt your dreams and turn them into nightmares
Because you are the ones who said nobody cares
Innocent or not you want to kill us all

Know this
When you bow your head
You won’t hear Him call

Lost Dream

Been gone for the last seven years
So much lost
Too many tears

Death staring me hard in the face
My babies growing at such a fast pace

How did this happen to me
Lost sight of reality and didn’t see
The evil that was headed my way

So I sit so lonely today
In this hellhole of concrete and steel
Wondering if things will ever seem real

Dreams all stripped of tomorrow’s hue
Fearing this life will remain forever blue

Please tell me know of love’s embrace
Never again to know her taste
She flirts with me at arm’s length
Doesn’t really know her own full strength

To leave me lonely and shattered
Like nothing else in the world mattered

mosaic graphicUntitled Poem

You know when you’re going to die
The exact date and time
Death is a fearsome creature but these people are slime

They test their little death machine each day
And into the night
They fill you full of sedatives
So you won’t put up a fight

They stand around in little groups and bicker
Fighting over which one stuffs cotton up your rear
What could be sicker?

They come to you for a last meal request
You say fish and chips
Inwardly they smile
Knowing these prison-made punks are fixing a special dip
They send their very own preacher
Who will later say you confessed
Just to try to ease the minds of those who are hate obsessed

For the last 48 hours you are watched every minute
And notes written down
You are only allowed one match at a time for your smokes
For fear you will burn yourself like a clown

Eight big men come to get you and chain you for the last time
Proud to get each dollar the state will allow
Right down to the last dime

None of them will look you in the eye
Why, I don’t know
But be sure
Each one will be smiling the next morning
When the rooster crows

Another day, another dollar, another life to be had
If I lived their life
I know I’d go mad


If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.

A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.

Politicians aren’t leaders for the people. Only power and money-hungry draconian puppets that allow bloodthirsty and vengeance-seeking mobs to rule their opinions in order to further their careers.


The anticipation of again beholding your beauty, of holding you tight, if only for a short while, makes me feel like a child on Christmas morning – anxious, insides aflutter, longing with sheer joy!

As I walk into the room the very sight of you sitting there throws my heart into overdrive. I want to speed up my steps but dare not. Your first smile in my direction after four long years warms me all over, making desire burn in the pit of my stomach. My love, it’s been so long even though I think of you each day. Your smile, your smell, your sound, all remains the same.

The terrible loneliness each night without you hurts like someone tearing my chest open with a sharp stone. Knowing that you are probably with someone else creates an emptiness inside me the size of a whale.

Each time I try to fill it, it only becomes emptier until I wonder if my entire essence will be consumed. At your whim I have suffered enough pain to drive most people insane. Yet still I love you and want you.

You are the only person who can fill this lonely emptiness. Without you I am only a broken thing. You play with my love like one of the rich elite toying with a trinket. Yet still I love you.

Maybe I am insane. This sure sounds crazy as hell to me.

I will never tell you any of this because I don’t think you would care. And seeing that you didn’t care would surely drive me over that edge. So I tell my mother – “the moon” – and she listens and consoles me. She has admiration only for children and no pain.

Here I’ll be My Love, if ever you decide to love me.


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