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Outside the Texas State Capitol

Delbert Tibbs, Randy Steidl, Kirk Bloodsworth, Ray Krone, Ron Keine, and Albert Burrell outside Texas State Capitol in Austin

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Our exonerees and staff are accomplished op-ed writers whose eloquent, reasoned, and substantiated musings on some of the most hot-button issues of the day have appeared in major newspapers around the country and across the pond.

If you are interested in running an op-ed or article by Witness to Innocence, please call 267-519-4583 or email sanderson@witnesstoinnocence.org to work out the details. In the meantime, enjoy reading a sample of our op-eds here:

Sample op-eds by our exoneree members:

"Death row exoneree talks about justice system flaws" by Sabrina Butler Porter at The Louisville Courier-Journal www.courier-journal.com


"I'm the best argument against the death penalty" by Ray Krone at The Arizona Republic www.azrepublic.com


"The Death Penalty Is Too Broken To Be Fixed" by Ray Krone at The Daily Caller www.dailycaller.com


"I was 17, on death row---and innocent" by Shareef Cousin at CNN Opinion www.cnn.com


"I Spent More Than Six Years on Death Row as an Innocent Woman" by Sabrina Butler at TIME.com www.time.com


"Ending The Death Penalty Should Be A Conservative Priority" by Ron Keine at The Daily Caller www.dailycaller.com


"I was on death row, and I was innocent" by Kirk Bloodsworth at CNN Opinion (op-ed and video) www.cnn.com

"When lives are on the line, there is no room for error" by Kirk Bloodsworth in The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) Read it here.

"Protect the Innocent: Florida's Governor Must Veto the 'Timely Justice Act'" by Juan Melendez at The Huffington Post www.huffingtonpost.com


"Texas Must Carry Out DNA Before Skinner Execution" by Kirk Bloodsworth at The Huffington Post

"Lykos was wrong to halt hearing into death penalty" by Clarence Brandley in the Houston Chronicle www.chron.com

"From Death Row to Elusive Freedom" by Ron Keine otherwords.org
(syndicated op-ed by OtherWords, which appeared in newspapers around the country and internationally)

"Lethal injection is the wrong debate" by Ray Krone in the San Francisco Chronicle www.sfgate.com

"Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Must Pardon Randy Steidl Now" by David Love at The Huffington Post  www.huffingtonpost.com

"Abolition in Maryland" by David Love in The Nation www.thenation.com


"Why it's one law for the rich in America and McJustice for the rest" by David Love in The Guardian


"Across the U.S., the death penalty is on the run" by David Love www.progressive.org
(syndicated op-ed by McClatchy Truibune News, which appeared in the Kansas City Star, The Anchorage Daily News, and The Bellingham Herald)

"Now Is the Time for Maryland to Kill Its Death Machine" by David Love at The Huffington Post www.huffingtonpost.com


This is where I stand: A life for a life is the way of the ancient world, not of the 21st century - and it should not be the way of this country, which claims to be the standard-bearer of all that is civilized.

– E.R. Shipp, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and educator

We conservatives cannot afford to let our justified outrage at unrepentant killers like McVeigh make us morally indifferent to the deadly and irrevocable peril in which society places the truly guiltless on trial for their lives. At some point in this death-penalty debate, the sanctity of innocent life demands that men and women of conservative conscience have to say: Enough.

– Rod Dreher, conservative columnist

What is murder in the first degree? It is cruel, calculated, cold-blooded killing of a fellow human man. It is the most wicked of crimes and the State is guilty of it every time it executes a human being.

– William Randolph Hearst, American newspaper magnate


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