Herman Lindsey

Herman LindseyHerman Lindsey was sent to Florida’s death row in 2006 for the robbery and murder of Ft. Lauderdale pawnshop owner, Joanne Mazzola, back in 1994. In a unanimous verdict, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in July 2006 that there wasn’t enough evidence to find Herman guilty of anything, much less sentence him to death, and that he did not receive a fair trial.

The court said that “the state had failed to produce any evidence in this case placing Lindsey at the scene of the crime at the time of the murder,” and that the evidence presented was “equally consistent with a reasonable hypothesis of innocence.”

The chief justice also issued an additional opinion that rapped the Broward Circuit court for allowing the prosecutor to ask questions during the penalty phase of the trial “that were not only improper but were also prejudicial and made with the apparent goal of inflaming the jury.''

Herman became the 135th person to be exonerated from death row since the death penalty was reinstated in the U.S., and the 27th person to be exonerated from Florida’s death row (Florida has the highest rate of exonerations from death row of any state in the nation). He currently resides in Florida where he works with at-risk youth.



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