Meet Our Exoneree Members

There are now 156 exonerated death row survivors in the United States. Many of them are now members of Witness to Innocence, and actively participate as members of our Board, speakers, media commentators, and activists for abolition of the death penalty. We hope you enjoy learning more about them and their unforgettable stories of being accused of and sent to death row for heinous crimes they did not commit, and their ultimate triumph in being set free despite the unjust and flawed system that put them there.

Directory of Members

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Kwame Ajamu Kwame Ajamu Kirk Bloodsworth Kirk Bloodsworth Clarence Brandley Clarence Brandley
Wiley Bridgeman Wiley Bridgeman Dan Bright Dan Bright Albert Burrell Albert Burrell
Sabrina Butler Sabrina Butler-Smith Glen Edward Chapman Glen Edward Chapman Perry Cobb Perry Cobb
Shareef Cousin Shareef Cousin Joe D'Ambrosio Joe D'Ambrosio Gary Drinkard Gary Drinkard
Nathson Fields Nathson Fields Michael Graham Michael Graham Shujaa Graham Shujaa Graham
Anthony Ray Hinton Anthony Ray HInton Paul House Paul House Ricky Jackson Ricky Jackson
Derrick Jamison Derrick Jamison Dale Johnston Dale Johnston Ron Keine Ron Keine

Ray Krone Ray Krone

Herman Lindsey Herman Lindsey Juan Melendez Juan Melendez
Debra Mike Debra Mike Randal Padgett Randall Padgett Seth Penalver Seth Penalver
Freddie Lee Pitts Freddie Lee Pitts Paris Powell Paris Powell Randy Steidl Randy Steidl
Damon Thibodeaux Damon Thibodeaux John Thompson John Thompson

Harold WIlson Harold Wilson

David Keaton Dave Keaton

(RIP, 1952-2015)

Delbert Tibbs Delbert Tibbs

(RIP, 1939-2013)

Greg Wilhoit Greg Wilhoit

(RIP, 1954-2014)


Watch this moving music video featuring many of our members and the music of our ally, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Kenny Mullins. The video was produced by photographer extraordinaire Karan Simpson of Mimosa Arts. Please feel free to share this video on social media, use in your classrooms and houses of worship, or incorporate into your social justice activism.

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