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paintings by Daniel Bolick

American artist Daniel Bolick in front of his striking portraits of WTI members Michael Graham and Albert Burrell (l-r)

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Did you know that our members are also contributors to our country’s rich cultural tapestry? They are poets, painters, writers, and collaborators with others in the creative community. Our members craft artistic statements of their time and experiences, thoughts and feelings, while on death row, and of their lives after death row. The results are powerful testaments to their humanity and ingenuity. The very existence of exonerated death row survivors is an inspiration to artists, photographers, and filmmakers around the world.

See and hear for yourself: Poetry Visual Arts Video Photography

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Our members have even appeared in commercials!

WTI members Ron Keine, Shujaa Graham, Derrick Jamison, and Ray Krone made a commercial in Spain in 2010 featuring the Coca Cola sports drink, Aquarius. They filmed for six days, sometimes for 18 hours a day, for these few seconds of air time. The producers say that their message reached hundreds of millions of people in Spain, and in Central and South America. The commercial also generated a lot of favorable media coverage in the international Spanish-language press.

And they hobnob with Hollywood stars, too!

Mike Farrell and Juan Melendez

M*A*S*H actor and abolitionist Mike Farrell sharing a laugh with Juan Melendez in Los Angeles while campaigning for Prop. 34

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